Construction Case Study: Franjo Construction

Avoiding Taking It on the Chin


Franjo Construction, a Pennsylvania-based general commercial contractor, faces a wide range of risks in its construction business. Claims erode profitability.


A big issue for construction firms is workmanship claims.  Joe Leonello, Jr, President of Franjo Construction, points that ‘we as an industry make a lot of mistakes.’ This can be costly.

However, there can be many limitations to coverage provided by commercial carriers. Because of these limitations, construction firms like Franjo must take on significant risk. Mr. Leonello points out that “when there are claims, our profit for the job fades.”

Capterra Solution:

Capterra put together a single-parent captive that provided Franjo with the comfort to mitigate the risks as well as allow the firm to know its claim history to better price jobs and reduce future losses.


“We built a hotel where select panels flew off the building a number of years after its completion,” says Joe Leonello. “We assessed the problem and fixed the issue but had to write off a substantial sum five years after the construction ended. This presented a challenge to our profits.”

With its captive program, the claim was fully paid by the captive – preserving Franjo’s annual profits.

“Franjo would have taken it on the chin had it not been for the captive insurance program.”

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