Learning and Lifting with Alyssa

This Emerging Talent Column ran in the January, 2024 edition of Captive Insurance Times. 

Alyssa Preidt of Capterra Risk Solutions speaks to Frances Jones about her experiences and influences in the industry

How has your previous experience prepared you for your current role as underwriting and claims manager?

When I accepted my first position in the captive industry, I was fresh out of college. I had a lot to learn that couldn’t come from a textbook, but I was eager.

My first role was as an underwriting associate. Since then, I’ve worked for a managing general agent and a couple of other captive firms.

These experiences prepared me in the best possible way for my current role. I learned from several teachers, who have global knowledge of both the captive and commercial insurance worlds. They have given me tools to understand how commercial and captive insurance can work together, determine sound underwriting principles, optimise meeting clients’ needs and properly adjudicate claims.

How did you end up in the captive industry?

When I graduated in May 2018, my former professor, Thomas Marshall, gave me a call notifying me that an individual from the industry was looking for a recommendation for a college graduate. He gave them my name and directed me to some resources to research more about captives.

Although we were given a high-level overview of captives in our college course material, it was not a main focus of the curriculum. After reading more, I realised that this unique industry intrigued me. Before I knew it, I was travelling down to South Carolina, spending a weekend interviewing and reading the company’s book on captives. I was offered the position shortly thereafter.

From your experience, what would you say are the key benefits of working in this industry?

The greatest benefit is the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs and executives from various different backgrounds, life experiences and industries. This is something that we get to participate in that is rarely replicated in other industries. In the captive world, I hear success stories from business owners from every walk of life.

Another benefit is the opportunity to customise an insurance programme to protect each business’ risks and assets, enabling me to think critically about specific needs and risks for different industries and businesses within those sectors.

Who have been your influences in the captive space?

There are too many influences to name them all, but there are a few in particular I’d like to thank — firstly my mentor, Alan Morris. He noticed a spark of potential in me and actively chose to develop, strengthen and foster what he saw. He continues to be a source of great inspiration to me.

Secondly, Jeff Ellington, senior vice president at Capterra Risk Solutions, has been a great teacher. He is the embodiment of an open-door policy. Jeff takes time to educate and challenge me when I need to consider a different perspective.

Lastly, Sandra Fenters, Capterra’s CEO and president, whose reputation precedes her. Since May 2022, I’ve had the pleasure to work for her. She is passionate about teaching other women in the industry and never misses an opportunity to mentor. Her ability to tell stories and connect with her clients is unparalleled.

What are your aspirations for your future career in the industry?

I’ve learned that I possess the skill of innovation, having worked on major initiatives to improve processes and systems at captive management firms. In the industry, I aim to make the processes, systems, and ways we do things simpler and more efficient. I want to continue pushing the industry forward.

What advice do you have for someone considering a role in captive insurance?

Be proactive. Put systems in place for renewal season. If you don’t have a process in place, it’s likely you will be scattered. Be prepared, work ahead and do the one extra task a day that will add up to major results by the end of the renewal season. Treat your colleagues and clients like family. Building a rapport with everyone you interact with can go a long way — there is never a situation where having a level of understanding, trust and empathy for your clients and colleagues will not serve you well.

Don’t sleep on opportunities to make improvements during your down season, the nine to 10-month period between renewals. Build a strong foundation in this season by making continual improvements. Ask questions, research, and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. You can learn about anything now on YouTube, even contractual liability!

“I became associated with Alyssa in 2018 at a South Carolina-based firm, Hamilton Captive Management. There, she led and participated in major initiatives where she consistently demonstrated strong technical knowledge of (re)insurance practices, understanding of risk management principles and the ability to effectively apply them to a broad range of functions. Additionally, the capacity to develop and effectively lead major initiatives and projects, to strategise, develop sound and effective insurance programmes, and to effectively communicate legal and regulatory issues to a wide range of internal and external audiences.

“Alyssa’s industry knowledge and her ability to provide guidance over a wide range of insurance initiatives and functions far exceed those common for her level of experience. They speak to her commitment to excellence as a professional and strong desire to add value on an ongoing basis.”

Alan Morris, ASA, ACAS, MAAA Consulting actuary and risk consultant Former chief actuary and risk officer for the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority

About Alyssa

Alyssa was raised in Belmont, North Carolina, among her family of seven. She has a passion for crossfit, is a crossfit coach and has transitioned to competitive weightlifting. In her spare time, she enjoys learning Hebrew and the piano, reading, gardening, playing with her dog Harley, and doing DIY home projects.

Alyssa has a bachelor’s degree in finance with a concentration in risk management and insurance from the Charlotte-based University of North Carolina.

Starting her career as a risk analyst at Hamilton Captive Management, she has previously held underwriting positions at Atlas Insurance Management and in the property and casualty insurance division of AmWINS Group.

Bill Eleamos Added to FORTY Under 40 List

Here is Bill’s summary from Captive International’s FORTY Under 40 Finalists.


Vice President of Finance, Capterra Risk Solutions

“The captives industry lets you work with some of the brightest professionals.”

Bill Eleamos started his career as an accountant at a wealth management firm in 2010. While there he was promoted to senior accountant in 2011 and obtained his graduate degree and MBA. He then found his way to Capterra in 2015, where he was the fiscal officer and accountant for the captive clients under management.

In 2019, Eleamos was promoted to controller where he maintained all prior responsibilities and added the responsibilities of maintaining and overseeing the accounting and overall operation of Capterra. In January 2023, he was promoted to vice president of finance and brought on as a minority partner of Capterra.

Eleamos was described as a very experienced captive financial professional, being very organised and detail-oriented, along with being friendly and easy to communicate. He is said to do a great job to ensure his clients are in compliance with the domicile’s state laws and regulations.

Here he explains why the captive insurance industry is rewarding to be in, why people should join it and how he feels it will evolve over the near term.

Do you feel that the captive insurance industry is a rewarding sector to work in?

The industry is rewarding from the aspect of assisting businesses of all sizes and industries. The captive insurance space is a useful tool that can benefit many types of businesses. One week I may be reviewing a programme for a mid-size contractor in Florida, and the following week, implementing a programme for a large manufacturer in Pennsylvania. The ability to touch and help businesses all of sizes and industries is one of the most rewarding effects of working in the captives sector.

Would you recommend the captive insurance industry to young people as a future career path?

I believe it is. The captives industry lets you work with some of the brightest professionals all coming together for the common goal of implementing an effective risk management solution. By working daily with the likes of actuaries, attorneys, CPAs, insurance experts, business owners, CFOs, risk managers, etc, you are working with the best of the best and each day you are absorbing that knowledge and making that individual a well-rounded professional.

How do you feel that the captive insurance industry will evolve?

The captives industry will undoubtedly continue to evolve and innovate. That is the basis of captive insurance and how we differ from the traditional insurance market. The captive industry listens to the needs and actual risks of the insured businesses and finds solutions unavailable in any other market.

Do you think that your long-term future remains in the captive insurance industry?

Yes. With my eight-and-a-half years in the industry and obtaining my ACI designation, I have obtained experience and knowledge that have provided a solid foundation in the captives space.

Capterra Risk Names Bill Eleamos as Partner

Promoted to Vice President of Finance

Feb 22, 2023 (Pittsburgh, PA) – Capterra Risk Solutions, LLC, a captive management and consulting firm offering an unparalleled level of risk management and underwriting expertise, has named Bill Eleamos as Partner and Vice President of Finance.

Mr. Eleamos has worked at Capterra for over 7 years. He joined as a Fiscal Officer in 2015 and was promoted to Controller in 2019.  Sandra Fenters, Capterra Risk Solutions President and Founder, says

“Bill has contributed much to the recent growth of the firm with his strong fiscal skills and outstanding organization. He is embracing a larger leadership role with serving our clients and managing our partner resources.”

Bill adds “I am extremely grateful for this promotion.  This firm has been a second family to me.  I will embrace the new challenges and responsibilities that come with this opportunity, and I look forward to help steer the future growth of Capterra.”

Bill worked for Mellon Capital before joining Capterra. He holds a MBA from California University of Pennsylvania and also obtained his Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) designation from the International Center of Captive Insurance Education.

The new Vice President of Finance works from the firm’s Pittsburgh headquarters. Capterra also operates a Charlotte, NC office.

Meet the Team: Alyssa Preidt

Title and Role: Underwriting and Claims Manager

Length in Industry: 4 years since college graduation in 2018

During college, Alyssa had several internships within the insurance and risk management industry sector.

Certifications: Associate in Risk Management (ARM) and currently obtaining the Certified Risk Manager (CRM)

Favorite Project: Alyssa’s favorite project has been building and developing a database used to track, manage, and manipulate data concerning claims processing, reinsurance information, renewal processing, captive entities, and coverage information. The database is used for reporting, loss runs, and renewal summary purposes along with numerous other purposes.

Favorite personal activities: She loves to read, spend time with her family and friends, play the guitar, exercise, play with her dog Harley, and travel.

Meet the Team: Jeff Ellington

Title: Senior Vice President

Responsibilities: Jeff is responsible for business development & the oversight of the captive formation process, including risk assessments, feasibility studies, organizational structure and design, and policy production.

Time at Capterra: New in 2022

Time in insurance/financial services: 35+ years; 10+ in captive management and consulting.

Jeff has worked in multiple facets of the commercial insurance industry, including sales, marketing, underwriting and management.

Education/Certification: Jeff is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He achieved and maintains the Certified Insurance Counselor designation.

Personal tidbits:

Jeff is married to Debbie; they live in Indian Land, SC. Together they have 5 children from previous marriages & 3 grandchildren, and 1 dog, Winston.

Jeff enjoys golf, gardening, and reading; he is an avid fan of college and pro football and basketball.

Jeff and Debbie

Meet the Team: Jeremy Hirsch

Title: Director of Marketing

Responsibilities: Jeremy is in charge of the firm’s marketing and branding. He was heavily involved in Capterra Risk’s rebranding in 2013.

As a seasoned, senior marketer, Jeremy has run several Marketing departments in both large and small companies.

Time at Capterra: 5+years

Time in insurance/financial services: 5+years

Education/Certification: Jeremy earned his MBA from Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business.

Personal tidbits:

Jeremy enjoys running, traveling with his family and barbequing.


Meet the Team: Bill Eleamos

Title: Controller & Fiscal Officer

Responsibilities: Bill manages the day-to-day accounting functions of all captive insurance companies under Capterra Risk Solution’s management.

He is also responsible for the accounting operations and strategic planning of Capterra Risk Solutions, LLC.

Time at Capterra Risk: 5+ years (Bill joined in 2015)

Time in insurance/financial services: 10 years

Education/Certification: Bill graduated from Clarion University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Subsequent to his undergraduate degree, he obtained his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from California University of Pennsylvania.

Bill has also obtained his Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) designation from the International Center of Captive Insurance Education.

Personal tidbits:

Bill is married to Victoria; the couple has a two-year old son (Maxon). They live in the Canonsburg, PA area (south of Pittsburgh).

During his free time, Bill enjoys golfing in a local league, taking his son to gym class and swim lessons, and vacationing in Myrtle Beach, SC with his family.

Bill is an active member of the All Saints Greek Orthodox Church in Canonsburg.


Congratulations to Stefanie Cellitti

Stef's Photo - sized 2

We congratulate Stefanie Cellitti on her new position with Capterra Risk Solutions as the Assistant Controller. Stefanie was previously responsible for the day to day accounting functions of all captive insurance companies under the management of Capterra, and now Stefanie is responsible for the day to day internal accounting functions of Capterra.  Stefanie’s full bio can be viewed at https://capterrarisk.com/about-us/our-team/stefanie-cellitti/.