Offer Your Clients a Complete Risk Mitigation Solution

Brokers are increasingly looking to captive programs to present better solutions to mitigate the risks of their client’s businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic is a recent example of how captives can provide coverages that commercial policies do not touch.

Capterra Risk Solutions values working closely with insurance brokers. You have long term relationships with clients; your knowledge of claims, business practices and risk appetitive are very valuable in building the right solution.

At Capterra Risk, we are independent. We are committed to helping you support your clients to succeed. We have no conflicts presented by a broker-owned captive consultant.

Benefits of working with Capterra

  • Better solutions for your clients lead to longer term relationships
  • Excellent margins and growth; a potential profit center
  • Separate yourself in increasingly commoditized brokerage space
  • Limited competition –few brokers have expertise around group captives
  • Efficient way to handle middle-market business
  • Strong client retention
  • Lead to greater persistency and stability in renewal
  • Relationships with captive managers create access to a broader network of professionals which lead to new business opportunities

Capterra Knows the Playbook with Brokers

Sandra was part of a panel at SIIA’s 2020 National Conference which detailed the key connections and opportunities between brokers and captive managers. Read more of the insights here.

Would you like to learn more about how we help brokers better serve their clients? Please contact Capterra Risk for more details.