Alyssa Kaczmarek

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Alyssa N. Kaczmarek began working for Capterra Risk Solutions, LLC in July 2012.  Alyssa is licensed in Property & Casualty Insurance and is a member of the Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA).

As the Executive Assistant and Account Manager of Capterra Risk Solutions, LLC, Alyssa is responsible for working with clients, CPAs, Actuaries, Attorneys, the Capterra Team, and other Service Providers in all captive management services for self-insured arrangements, captive formations, and other alternative mechanisms for procurement of insurance and risk management services.  She coordinates underwriting renewals, manages corporate governance for all clients, and works with Regulators in many domiciles to address business plan changes on behalf of clients .  For new captive formations she coordinates with legal counsel, the actuary, and the client to keep the business plan submission on track.  Alyssa continues to support the Management Team in an administrative role as well as handling many of the Company’s operations.

Since beginning in the Captive Insurance Industry, Alyssa has worked on the management of over 40 Captives.  She has also coordinated one request for proposal and one stand alone underwriting report.

Ms. Kaczmarek has been appointed as an officer for a Captive domiciled in Utah.  She is also a member on multiple Captive claims committees.